Most of the US won't get 2016 Chevy Volt

Nationwide Availability Will Only Come With 2017 Model Year

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Every major plug-in vehicle launch in the US has been a patchwork operation, with automakers focusing their initial efforts on targeted locations like California where they expect to sell the most units. Today, we learned that even five years into the plug-in car project, the game remains the same. According to GM, the second-gen Chevy Volt is going to be rolled out in the same manner. In fact, GM is limiting availability of the 2016 model year Volt so much that most of the US will not have access to the car at all. For 39 states, the second-gen Volt will first be available as a 2017 model year vehicle at some point in the spring of 2016.

When GM announced the buying process for the new Volt, it made it clear that dealers in California would be the first to place their orders. Hybrid Cars now reports that the first deliveries will be also limited to California and 10 other states that follow the California Air Resourced Board (CARB) rules: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland , Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. GM spokesman Kevin Kelly told AutoblogGreen that this is all according to plan. "Chevrolet has a shortened model year for the 2016 Chevy Volt that will have a limited distribution network," he said. "The 2016 Volt will be sold in our strongest EREV markets. The 2017 Chevrolet Volt will begin production early this spring and will be available throughout the country."

It appears that non-CARB state Volt customers will be able to order their Volts starting October 1, according to documents posted on Hybrid Cars, where we also learn that 2016 Volt production for California started in August, will begin in late October for the other 10 CARB states, and in early 2016 for the rest of the US. Unsurprisingly, dealers outside of the 11 CARB states have been complaining that they can't order the much-anticipated new Volt for their customers just yet.

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