The Jeep Wrangler TJ holds a dear place in my heart. When they were introduced, the return to circular headlights helped pull my dad into the dealer, and he bought one. A few years later, I learned how to drive a stick in that Jeep. Now, MotorWeek has fired up the time machine for a look at the '97 Wrangler as part of the Retro Review series.

One of the great things about these videos is that they offer a chance to see if nostalgia lives up to reality. In this situation, that seems to be the mostly case. Even when new, MotorWeek finds a lot to praise about the TJ, especially in terms of handling and style. It's not all perfect, though, with a major complaint about the braking. Watch the clip to see if the show's take on the Wrangler lives up to your memories of them, too.

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