There are probably as many opinions about the future outlook for Tesla Motors and its share price as there are investors. It has been, and still is, a very volatile stock – meaning it regularly sees pretty large positive and negative price swings – and has a large amount of short interest. Of course, there are also a number of influential companies quite bullish about its prospects, and one of the biggest of those is Morgan Stanley, whose particular opinion carries a lot of weight.

In a recent video that its research arm produced for a client, it stated that the California automaker is the "only company we cover whose stock price can realistically multiply by ten." Taking into account the price at the time of the video's publication, that would be a prediction of about $1,900 per share. Now that's a bull with huge, um, horns! Of course, investing in any venture is fraught with risk, and so the presentation does immediately note after that statement that TSLA share values could also halve.

The investment firm isn't saying, however, that this multiplication will happen any time soon. Its last research note from lead analyst Adam Jonas set a target price of $280 for the stock, which is a $10 drop from a previous estimate. Obviously, for Tesla to reach the lofty heights mentioned in the video, it would have to successfully execute on future models, the gigafactory and other ventures, such as its energy storage business.

While the footage in question can not be found on any sharing platforms, we do have a link to it from Morgan Stanley's website, and so you can watch it there. It should be noted that we here at Autoblog are not investment professionals and are not encouraging you to either buy or sell stocks in Tesla or any other company. We do think that the old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket is probably as good a piece of investing advice today as it was the day it was coined, however.

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