NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has been cleared to return to the paddock shortly after the sport put him under an indefinite suspension. The reinstatement is effective immediately, meaning that Busch could potentially be back on track as soon as the upcoming race at Phoenix International Raceway. However, he remains under an indefinite probation.

According to NASCAR, Busch completed a reinstatement program that included a behavioral assessment that recommended he be allowed to return. To keep racing, Busch is still required to enter a treatment program "and full compliance with any judicial requirements placed upon him."

While Busch already missed races this season, NASCAR also waived the requirement for drivers to compete in every race to be eligible for the Chase. That allows the 2004 champion to potentially take the title again.

NASCAR suspended Busch after he was found in violation of two sections of the rulebook: "Actions detrimental to stock car racing" and a "behavioral penalty." The driver appealed the decision but was denied, which seemingly closed the door to his return.

Busch's suspension stemmed from domestic violence allegations from former girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. The State of Delaware issued an Order of Protection from Abuse against the driver in the case in February. However, the state attorney general there decided not to pursue criminal charges due to a lack of admissible evidence and available witnesses.

"As we stated last week, the elimination of the possibility of criminal charges removed a significant impediment to Kurt Busch's return to full status as a NASCAR member," said Steve O'Donnell, NASCAR Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer.

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