Nissan Juke Nismo RSnow is just the ticket for the next Snowpocalypse

With large swathes of the US either still getting now or digging out of the stuff, Nissan is teasing us all again with its Juke Nismo RSnow that has absolutely no fear of getting stuck in the inclement weather.

The company first teased this custom's abilities on Twitter last week, and now it has released even more images and video of the RSnow powering through the powder. Beyond the obvious tracks, the Juke Nismo RS has remained mostly stock, though. Nissan had to trim the fascias for extra clearance, and the torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system was also reprogrammed. Otherwise, things are just like the regular version of the high-performance compact crossover, and even the CVT remains in place.

The RSnow is made to support an ice-driving event in Lapland, Finland, and according to Nissan, this clip shows it at work on the Uddjaur Lake there. Traction is clearly not a concern on the ice. This is likely just the CUV many people around the Great Lakes and in the Northeast wish they could be driving right now.

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