What started out as a (lamentably) common domestic abuse case has taken a turn for the absurd as NASCAR driver Kurt Busch has testified in court that his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin who kills people for a living.

The case dates back a few months to November, after Busch was eliminated from the Chase for the 2014 Sprint Cup. His ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll claimed that Busch was despondent after failing to make the cut, spoke of suicide, then turned his anger on her and proceeded to repeatedly bang her head against the inside wall of his motor home.

For his part, Busch vehemently denies the accusations, characterizing them as a fabrication by the woman with whom he had just split up a week prior. The 2004 champion said he repeatedly asked Driscoll to leave and that she hit her head accidentally on the way out of the vehicle, parked at Dover International Speedway. After Driscoll filed a complaint, the Dover Police Department launched an investigation, which they wrapped up and handed to the state attorney general's office in December. Now the issue has gone to trial.

It was during those proceedings in the Kent County Family Court in Delaware earlier this week that Busch entered the seemingly outlandish testimony that Driscoll was a trained assassin. He described missions in which she allegedly participated, and claimed that Maya, the character played by Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty, was partially based on Driscoll. One situation Busch described had Driscoll embarking on a mission while they were in El Paso, TX, where she departed wearing camouflage and boots and returned wearing a trench coat over a blood-splattered nightgown.

"Everybody on the outside can tell me I'm crazy," said Busch, "but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand." Driscoll refutes Busch's depiction as an "outlandish" attempt to destroy her credibility, claiming that he took the stories out of a screenplay she had been working on. But while no other witnesses appeared to uphold Busch's account of her alleged professional activities, several testified in his defense, refuting the allegations of assault.

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