Fireworks truck explodes in massive Michigan pileup of 100+ vehicles

A blast of wintry weather hit western Michigan last night, causing a pileup this morning on Interstate 94 in Kalamazoo County that at most recent count, claimed well over 100 vehicles, left one person dead and many, many more injured. As if things weren't bad enough already, two of the trucks involved in the huge accident were carrying very, very dangerous loads.

The first truck, and the star of the video above, was carrying a load of fireworks. It ended about as well as could be expected, with a brilliant and dangerous display on the snow-covered roads. More worrying for victims of the accident and people living in the surrounding area was the hazmat truck that had caught fire, forcing the evacuation of a three-mile area surrounding the crash site. That area has now been reduced to just one mile now, though.

"Hazmat officials believe that hazardous material that was on scene is probably entirely burned off by now, so what we're asking for now is for shelter in place, where anyone within one mile of the crash scene, we're just asking them if they have not evacuated to stay inside," Michigan State Police Lieutenant Rick Pazder told The Detroit Free Press.

Take a look at the video of the fire works truck, up top, courtesy of Fox's western Michigan affiliate.

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