Well, here it is. Ahead of its official debut at next week's 2015 North American International Auto Show, Infiniti has given us our final "teaser" image of the new Q60 Concept. Teaser, though, applies only loosely, as this is a full-frontal shot of the new two-door, meaning all we're waiting on is the glut of information that will follow ahead of next week's show in Detroit.

Overall, it's a very attractive piece of sheetmetal. There are a lot of interesting design touches, including the new nose, which is very, very heavily inspired by Infiniti's partnership with the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Aside from that, many of the company's most notable styling touches have been toned down on the Q60 Concept, particularly the double-arch grille, which has been softened noticeably. The slim headlights, aggressive kink in the beltline behind the B-pillar, strong character line and the air-curtain-like element behind the front wheel arch are the other big styling features.

We'll have far more on the Q60 Concept on Sunday, January 11, when it makes its official debut on the eve of the Detroit Auto Show. Until then, take a look at the final teaser up top and let us know what you think of Infiniti's latest efforts in Comments.

Infiniti Q60 Information

Infiniti Q60

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