Bibendum 2014: Daimler studying China for Car2go expansion

Display In Chengdu 2014 Gives Us A Clue

Despite a recent setback in the UK, Daimler's carsharing company Car2go remains in expansion mode. The company is currently studying the scene in China (and other countries) to see where the next batch of blue-and-white Smart Fortwo cars will land.

"We are looking at the opportunities and doing a lot of market research about [China]." – Moovel China's Su Shasha

Su Shasha, from Moovel China's business development department, would not confirm that Car2go would one day be available in China, but did tell AutoblogGreen, "We are looking at all kinds of locations and opportunities worldwide, and China is definitely one big market with many populated cities. We are looking at the opportunities and doing a lot of market research about it. We don't have any concrete plans for the details of the launch yet." Su wouldn't say how long Daimler has been studying China as a place to expand Car2go or when the results of the internal study would be made public.

Car2go was on display at the 2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Chengdu, China. Su said that the purpose of the cars on display was to gauge interest from the people attending the event. She did say that people were interested in the exhibit, so that's a start.

Daimler is looking for more workers to bring Car2go to China. An online job opening for a "Trainee as Financial Analyst for Car2go China" says that the new hire will be responsible for "continuously refining the car2go China business case," supporting "the local management with business analysis on achieving the growth targets and the refinement of the business model based on the planned roll-outs" and making sure the Car2go plan doesn't run afoul of any local laws. Sounds pretty serious to us.

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