Like the University of Georgia and its punchy Bulldog mascot, Georgia's electric-vehicle advocates are about to get a little more pugilistic, says the Atlanta Business Chronicle. That's because, for the second straight year, some state politicos may look to end Georgia's electric-vehicle subsidy. Count the EV Club of the South among those looking to take up the fight.

The issue at hand is Georgia's $5,000 state tax credit for plug-in vehicles. That figure, among the highest in the country, has helped spur EV sales in Atlanta, especially given the relatively low EV incentives in neighboring states like Tennessee and South Carolina. In order to keep the status quo, EV advocates plan to ratchet up their fight during next year's legislative session. Some Georgia lawmakers proposed a law earlier this year saying that the aggregate EV incentives over the course of a year would be capped at $10 million. That would mean that the incentives would stop once 2,000 EVs were sold in a particular year. But the vote on HB 257 was never taken, as Georgia legislators ran out of time during the session. That sound you just heard was EV advocates saying a Nelson-from-The Simpsons-like "Hah, hah!"

Georgia EV supporters are getting it from all sides. This summer, the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association stepped up its efforts to try to revoke Tesla Motors' dealer license, joining a bunch of other states looking to maintain the no-direct-automaker-to-customer vehicle sales status quo. Tesla wants to triple its dealer count in the Atlanta area (to three).

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