Whatever you may have to say about US foreign policy, the bottom line is that there are American embassies and consulates in places around the world that aren't necessarily friendly towards America. That's how we end up with State Department facilities in far-flung locations getting attacked. Some of those attacks can be thwarted through good intelligence, effective security and maybe an eagle-eyed sniper or two on the roof, but it takes something a bit more concrete to stop a speeding truck packed with explosives.
Enter the engineers at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute who came up with the solution depicted in this video. They were tasked with developing a way of preventing the explosives on the back of a truck moving at 50 miles per hour from advancing towards an installation, and their simple but evidently highly effective solution involves a large metal pipe mounted in an untold volume of concrete. The video itself may be perfectly safe for work, but the words you're bound to scream at the moment of impact likely won't be. Watch what happens when unstoppable force meets immovable object.

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