A motorcyclist veers into the left lane of traffic and collides with a slower-moving car that's also changing lanes. The results could be catastrophic, but the biker survives in the coolest way possible.

In the video, you can hear the motorcycle before you can see it. Just as a sedan changes lanes, the motorcyclist rushes up to meet its back end. The crash launches the cyclists into the air, and he flips head-over-heels before landing, standing up, on the hood of the car.

Russians don't mount dashcams to their cars just to catch wild antics on the road. Fraud is a major problem on Russian roads, and the purpose of the dashcam is to protect drivers from unscrupulous criminals and traffic cops on the take. NYC-based Russian blogger Marina Galperina wrote that cheaply mounted cameras which record continuously are often more affordable than car insurance. Russian courts also would rather see video evidence rather than testimony in cases that can quickly devolve into he-said, she-said exchanges.

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