Are you a huge fan a electronic dance music, Internet memes, and in the market for a customized Ferrari? Then today is your lucky day. EDM star Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is selling his Ferrari 458 Spider on Craigslist. He calls it the Purrari, and it features a full-body wrap of the eight-bit Nyan Cat, pink brake calipers, prancing cat logos, a Purrari emblem 6,500 miles on the odometer. It's currently located in Toronto, Canada, with an asking price of $380,000. Any amount offered over that is being donated to the Toronto Humane Society.

In addition to the car, the buyer gets an iPod full of "nyancat songs" and a meeting with Zimmerman to say goodbye to his Purrari over a cup of coffee. If you're not in the Toronto area, he is willing to ship the feline automobile anywhere in North America. Obviously, a blue, cat-themed Ferrari isn't to everyone's taste, so Zimmerman can remove the wrap at the buyer's request... though he won't be happy about it.

If you're curious why Zimmerman would sell such a personalized item, it appears a new supercar has his eye now. On May 28, he tweeted about driving a McLaren 650S and announced the Purrari would go up for sale soon. We can only imagine what theme his next ride gets.

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Ferrari 458 Italia

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