Roush has a pretty booming business. Not only does it build some seriously raucous Ford-based products, but it's also got its fingers in racing, transportation and military manufacturing. Now, rumor has it that Roush might be adding one more feather to its cap, as it may be in cahoots with Google to build the California tech giant's new fully autonomous car.

The report comes from Jalopnik's Detroit sub-blog, which reports that an anonymous source has confirmed that the Livonia, MI-based company is screwing together the tiny, two-seat autonomous car that we showed you earlier today. Both Roush and Google issued statements to Jalopnik that neither confirm nor deny the company's involvement in the project.

According to the unnamed source, Roush is currently hiring engineers for the project, which will see assembly commence at the company's Allen Park, MI facility. There's also, allegedly, been a fair amount of travel to Mountain View, CA for current employees.

We'll keep our ears open for any additional information.

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