There's little to nothing that a paparazzo won't do in order to get their shot. That can be a good thing when the shutterbug is on the trail of an automaker's latest prototype. Somewhat less so when it impedes on an individual's privacy, as the Schumacher family has discovered on numerous occasions.

Back in December we reported on a supposed journalist – though not one we'd ever want to keep company with – who dressed as a priest in order to gain access to the hospital room where Michael Schumacher lay comatose following his ski accident. But as it turns out he wasn't the only one who took to disguising his identity (and assuming someone else's) in order to get closer to the imperiled seven-time world champion.

According to Schumacher's manager/spokesperson Sabine Kehm, another individual tried to pass himself off as Michael's father Rolf Schumacher (pictured above with younger son Ralf) in order to get into the hospital room and, apparently, to snap a photo of Schumi in his hospital bed. Which only makes us wonder to what lows someone might sink to next in order to get that elusive picture.

The paparazzi may never get that chance, though. Schumacher has reportedly been showing signs of awareness and consciousness, even interacting (in limited capacity) with his surroundings. As his condition improves, Michael is expected to be moved to a rehabilitation clinic and eventually back home where his wife Corinna has reportedly installed some $17 million in medical equipment. Once out of the hospital, the Schumacher family may be able to exercise tighter control over security and refrain from releasing updates to the public on the retired Formula One driver's condition and progress.

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