Most racing games try to go for as realistic a representation of real-life driving as possible. But Gran Turismo goes a step beyond that. Its programmers at Polyphony Digital have a track record of creating fantastical cars just for the game, and this is their latest.

Created in collaboration with Red Bull's celebrated and accomplished chief engineer Adrian Newey, the new X2014 imagines what a Formula One racecar would look like if it weren't bound by any regulations. Three versions will appear in the soon-to-be-released GT6: the Fan car (dubbed X2014/F), the Standard car (X2014/S) and the Junior car (X2014/J). We have no idea what the difference is between the three versions, but the Fan car is the one pictured here.

This, of course, isn't the first time Polyphony Digital has rendered a car in digital form that doesn't exist in real life (beyond a solitary show car, anyway). Newey penned its precursor, the X1, for GT5. Citroën created a concept car for the game called the GTbyCitroën that never saw life beyond the show stand and the game system. And most recently, Mercedes created the AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept specifically for the game - the first in a series of cars designed by automakers for the new game. Watch this space for more.

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