When the Scottish government says it wants to clean up the air in its cities, it's not just blowing smoke up your kilt. Aye, laddie – or lassie, as the case may be – a newly released plan, called Switched On Scotland: A Roadmap to Widespread Adoption of Plug-in Vehicles (PDF), encourages the uptake of plug-in cars and calls for an end to petrol and diesel-burning cars in its cities by 2050.

Only 235 new EVs were registered in Scotland last year.

With only 235 new electric vehicles registered in the country last year, the government has decided to take a leadership role and is putting up 14 million pounds ($22.26 million at today's rates) over the next two years towards a number of carbon-lowering measures. For instance, its own fleet will see some plug-in additions and charging points are to be installed around main public buildings. Later, they also intend to install "rapid charge points" at 50-mile intervals along Scotland's main roads. Other envisioned enticements include rebates on vehicles, half-price ferry rides for EVs and free charge point installation at EV buyers' homes.

The plan is to totally decarbonize transport and, to that end, renewable energy targets rob potential critics of any "coal-powered car" arguments. By 2020, this northern part of the UK intends to rely on renewables for 100 percent of its electricity demand. That's impressively aggressive.

Although it's a bit lengthy, the 82-page document is an interesting, dare we say inspiring, read and contains a lot more elements than we have space to mention here. Take a look-see and wonder along with us why some of these same strategies couldn't be implemented elsewhere.

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