Mercedes has handed out "spy shots" of its sub-SLS AMG sports car prototype, which tells us that this on-again/off-again product is most definitely on again. Looking smaller than the company's SLS AMG in these first shots of a running prototype, it nevertheless appears to retain the same basic shape as the larger halo car with a long hood and the cabin located far back on the chassis. Despite the similarities in shape, it does not have gullwing doors and appears to have barely enough room for 2+2 seating like the Porsche 911.

Moving into the realm of speculation and hearsay, the sub-SLS should have a good fighting weight thanks to a new all-aluminum spaceframe, and be powered by a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 producing in the neighborhood of 485 horsepower. Of course, being a Merc, we can expect a 500+hp S variant and a bonkers Black Series model with something approaching 600 hp, the latter of which would be spoiling for a fight with the 911 Turbo. As for the car's name, we're told internally its codename is C190, but the production model could go by GT, SLC or even revive the SLR moniker.

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