Reuters reports that earlier this week the US Treasury announced the sale of another tranche of General Motors stock. It didn't say how many of the 241.7 million shares it holds in the automaker it would sell, nor exactly when – the discretion apparently intended to keep hedge funds from profiting from the situation. The government's ownership is broken down into common and diluted shares, representing close to 18 percent of the company at the moment, down from the 60.8 percent it owned in 2009 after GM's bankruptcy. This follows a share sale in February, when Treasury sold 17.2 million shares for $489 million.

Although GM's share price is nowhere near the $70-per-share or so that Treasury would need to break even, the department has reiterated that the point of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) wasn't to make money but to save jobs. GM's share price has, however, almost edged back to its November 2012 IPO price of $33. At the time of writing, shares were trading for $32.10. Based on the timetable Treasury gave in December, it should be fully divested of its GM ownership within a year from now.

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