Sleepless in Seattle? Sure. Helpless in Seattle? Not if you're a plug-in vehicle driver with AAA.

Washington State's largest city was the recipient of the first Level 3 roadside EV-charging truck from the American Automobile Association, Plug In Cars reports. AAA estimates that the emergency charges will be designed to provide about five miles of driving range and would typically take less than 10 minutes. AAA also estimates that the truck will get about 20 calls a year from stranded plug-in motorists.

That Washington State would be the first to get this type of AAA truck isn't a surprise, given the apparently rapid adoption of plug-in vehicles there (relative to the rest of the US). The state has about 325 publicly accessible charging stations, or almost six percent of the US total, according to numbers from the US Department of Energy. By comparison, Washington State accounts for about 2.3 percent of all US registered vehicles.

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando as well as Knoxville, TN, and Portland, OR, are among the cities with AAA plug-in charging trucks, though Seattle is the first to get a Level 3 variety. AAA first announced its intention to develop EV-charging trucks in 2011.

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