Though its reputation here in the States has been built almost solely on its reputation for safety, Volvo has so much racing heritage that it can realistically create tributes to some of the most historic racing vehicles in its 85-year history. The latest competition-ready Volvo will be on display at the São Paulo Auto Show in Brazil on October 23rd.

Based on the Volvo V60 wagon, the imaginatively named V60 Racing will show off new livery in tribute to the classic 850 models that competed in the British Touring Car Championship in the 1990s. Though it's only being teased at this point, we're expecting a predominately blue and white paint job with a few splashes of yellow.

As cool as it may be, we don't expect to see any road-going V60 models wearing BTCC-inspired livery here in the States. That said, feel free to click on the image above for an enlarged view.

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