Now, more on whether Arcimoto will become the little electric motor that could.

The Oregon-based maker of three-wheeled battery-electric vehicles, is planning to build a pilot fleet of 15 vehicles, the company said in its newsletter last month.

The company said it benefitted from exhibiting the EV at the EVS26 conference in Los Angeles in May, and made "lots of good contacts at the show for vehicle parts, solidifying some of our component decisions as we head into pilot build." All that doesn't add up to an official launch date, though.

Last December, Oregon-based Arcimoto said it was testing the Generation 6 version of the EV, which it said was smaller and had both a lower profile and shorter wheelbase than prior versions, cutting both weight and drag. The fifth-generation Arcimoto was said to have a 40-mile single-charge range from its lead-acid battery and a 65-mile-per-hour top speed. Previously, the launch price has been estimated at about $17,500.

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