Six months ago, we were going to have two Formula One grands prix in America in 2013 – the Austin round at the Circuit of the Americas track and the Grand Prix of America on the streets of New Jersey. Then, three months ago, F1 impresario Bernie Ecclestone told BBC Sport that the event could be pushed back to 2014, without elaborating as to why. This week, Bernie's told BBC Sport again that " No. Definitely no," the NJ race wouldn't go down in 2013, this time clarifying that it's because he doesn't expect the track to be ready.

He then backtracked by by saying it's still possible if the track is ready, and that "If they can get it completed and confirm to us it will be done, for sure, they'll be on the calendar." The event organizers say they're ahead of schedule, but Ecclestone said he's not as confident as they are. This month Sebastian Vettel drove the course and declared it "nowhere near ready," but that's to be expected since the race is a year away.

The Grand Prix of America has as much time as time to get a street circuit prepared as Austin did to get a dedicated track done, and so far, the GPoA hasn't suffered any of the funding and construction snafus that plagued Austin. We don't know what Ecclestone knows, but he doubted Austin's prospects as well and here they are, so we'll keep the faith in New Jersey.

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