The first all-electric Infiniti, which is supposed to hit the market in 2014, will likely be built at the same Tennessee factory as the Nissan Leaf EV, Plugin Cars reported.

Two Nissan spokesmen told the Chicago Tribune that the company's factory in Smyrna, TN, was the most likely place where the Infiniti LE battery-electric would be built. Nissan is expected to start U.S. production of the Leaf at that factory by the end of the year, and the Infiniti will use the same (or, at least, very similar) battery pack that the Leaf does.

Infiniti, which showed off a concept version of the EV at the New York Auto Show last week, said the car will have about 22 percent more horsepower and 14 percent more torque than the Leaf, but will also be larger – about the same size as the Infiniti G sedan.

Like the Leaf, the car will have a range of around 100 miles, according to the automaker – though the EPA pegs the Leaf's range closer to 74 miles. No price has been set, though Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn said that the company will likely be able to lower the price of the Leaf once it's produced in the U.S. What that means for the upscale LE – which stands for "luxury electric," telling you which is more important – is not yet known.

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