A few images of the new Chinese-market long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series have made their way to the web. The vehicle's profile clearly shows a few extra inches of room for rear passengers, though the additional space between the front and rear wheels doesn't infringe too heavily on the sedan's design.

With a slightly longer rear door and expanded rear cabin, the BMW 335Li is designed for buyers who would rather be driven than drive. That's a big plus for the chauffeur-oriented Chinese luxury vehicle market. From what we hear, the vehicle is headed toward an official debut at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show in April.

In addition to more rear legroom, the BMW 335Li will likely feature a new 8.8-inch freestanding control display mounted atop the vehicle's dash. An auto start-stop system is expected to debut on the vehicle to help increase fuel economy, and a blind-spot awareness system is expected to be standard equipment, as well. Head over to the F30Post.com forums for a better look at the elongated 3 Series.

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