Senna races to the top with best documentary debut of the year

Still haven't managed to see Senna? Then you are, first of all, missing out, because it's one of the all-time great racing films in the history of cinema. You're also part of a narrowing group of outsiders, as moviegoers flock to see Asif Kapadia's masterpiece in greater numbers than any other documentary this year.

According to Indiewire, Senna, which opened at just two theaters (one in New York and one in Los Angeles) brought in a whopping $73,497 on opening weekend. That's split between $40,713 in LA and $32,784 in New York, according to reports, for a handsome average of $36,749 per theater.

Those are numbers worthy of the greatest driver in the greatest era of the greatest spectacle in motor racing the world has ever known. And as befits the late, great Ayrton Senna whom the film depicts, it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon.

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