Mexican police seize armored F-350 'narco tank' with machine gun turret

If you saw this gussied-up Ford F-350 in the U.S., you'd probably look around for a film set and production signs for Death Race 4000 – or at least the camera crew from Storm Chasers. South of the border, however, these "narco tanks" aren't film fantasies – they're wheeled dreadnoughts built for cartels to do battle with other cartels and the Mexican government.

This one, said to be called "Z Monster," was reportedly confiscated by Mexican police in Jalisco after a weekend of skirmishes with a drug cartel. Up front is a battering ram, and within its ubiquitous armor plating, it has gun ports, a rotating machine-gun turret and room for 20 men. There's a barely underground trade in these A-Team contraptions that have purposes from mere deception to big-bore devastation, probably none as serious as the Kenworth dump truck known as " El Monstro 2010" and the tank known as " El Monstruo 2011." But the way things are going in Mexico's five-year drug war, antes will be upped soon enough.

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