Mexican police seize armored F-350 'narco tank' with machine gun turret

If you saw this gussied-up Ford F-350 in the U.S., you'd probably look around for a film set and production signs for Death Race 4000 – or at least the camera crew from Storm Chasers. South of the border, however, these "narco tanks" aren't film fantasies – they're wheeled dreadnoughts built for cartels to do battle with other cartels and the Mexican government.

This one, said to be called " Z Monster," was reportedly confiscated by Mexican police in Jalisco after a weekend of skirmishes with a drug cartel. Up front is a battering ram, and within its ubiquitous armor plating, it has gun ports, a rotating machine-gun turret and room for 20 men. There's a barely underground trade in these A-Team contraptions that have purposes from mere deception to big-bore devastation, probably none as serious as the Kenworth dump truck known as " El Monstro 2010" and the tank known as " El Monstruo 2011." But the way things are going in Mexico's five-year drug war, antes will be upped soon enough.

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