eGarage aims to provide an Internet home for supercar enthusiasts

eGarage Koenigsegg CCX – Click above for high-res image gallery

A new automotive website is getting ready to hit the Internet. Called eGarage, the site's goal is to become a haven for supercar enthusiasts. The team behind eGarage wants to prove it's serious, so it has teamed up with HRE Wheels to dress up a pair of hyper-exotic supercars.

At the 2011 Supercar Experience in Miami, eGarage will show off a Koenigsegg CCX and SSC Ultimate Aero. The CCX wears a set of new 595 RS HRE Wheels and a matte-white wrap.

Currently, is just a splash page displaying a car-centric rewording of the U.S. Marine Corps' Rifleman's Creed. (Really, guys?) We'll withhold full judgement on the site's true potential until we see the finished product. If nothing else, the CCX and Ultimate Aero indicate that there should be plenty of hardware to drool over once eGarage goes officially live.

[Source: eGarage]
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Super car enthusiasts everywhere will finally have an internet community devoted to the rarest and most exotic vehicles on earth at

To kick off the rollout of the new site, its creators are debuting two new custom variants of the fastest production vehicles on the market, the 2011 SSC Ultimate Aero and a 1of 1 Koenigsegg CCX.

Both vehicles will be on display this weekend at the 2011 Supercar Experience in Miami, Florida March 19 and 20. ( The American-built mid-engine 1,287 hp SSC Ultimate Aero once held the record as the world's fastest production car at 256.18 mph. The 800+hp Swedish made, track focused Koenigsegg CCX has recorded an equally impressive top speed of 245mph.

The Koenigsegg has been customized with a matte white super suit vinyl wrap done by Northwest Auto Salon ( HRE Wheels machined a custom set of its latest model, the 595 RS finished in white and black to compliment the unique color scheme.

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