Frankenstein's Garage: Maybach coupe isn't Xenatech's first conversion

Xenatech conversions – Click above for image gallery

Wonder where this firm Xenatech came from? The German company made headlines a couple of weeks ago with sketches of a Maybach coupe it intends to bring to market, but as you may well have guessed, the luxo-Merc isn't the first chop job the company has undertaken.

Swing by the company's website and you'll find photochops of all manner of vehicles – most of them German, natch – that have been turned from sedan into coupe, coupe into sedan, and much more. The first few look like simple stretch jobs of sport-utes and sedans like the Audi Q7, Mercedes G-Class and Bentley Continental Flying Spur. But delve a little deeper and you'll find an Aston Vanquish shooting brake, Lexus LS460 coupe and pickup versions of the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg. A few of them are even a little prophetic: a Mercedes CLS wagon and four-door versions of the Porsche 911 and BMW 6 Series.

The best part is that Xenatech claims some of these have actually been made, though it isn't saying which. Our fingers are crossed for that 7 Series with the extra headroom. Check out some of our favorites in the gallery below.

[Source: Xenatech via PistonHeads]

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