Considering the focus on Chicago this week, what with the auto show media previews this week, when we saw a headline saying that former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka would be out somewhere promoting the Global Motor Services, Inc. line of electric vehicles (EVs), we naturally assumed he'd be here in town to do so. Nope. He's at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention in Orlando, FL where he will drop by the GMS booth this weekend.

Who is Global Motor Services? First off, they're not so global, with franchises in just four places in the U.S. as far as we can tell: San Diego, New Jersey, Las Vegas and Chicago. Their electric vehicle line-up is just as diverse, with two named EV products – the EVX (a converted Chevy Aveo) and the Ride (a three-wheeled scooter, pictured above). These are not available yet, but will be followed by a neighborhood electric vehicle at some point in the future. For a way too insistent video about the promise of electric vehicles, see the Global Motor Services, Inc. website.

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Coach Ditka & Global Motor Services - The Winning Team for Dealers and Electric Vehicles

CHICAGO, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Legendary coach Mike Ditka assists Global Motor Services, Inc., in promoting their new line-up of electric and armored vehicles at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention this weekend in Orlando, FL. Coach Ditka will make an appearance in booth 421 and will be signing autographs in support of his Gridiron Greats charity.

As the exclusive distributor for Advanced Power Technologies' (APT) wide range of vehicles, including electric scooters, neighborhood electric vehicles, electric cars, and technologically engineered armored SUVs, Global Motor Services is poised to provide unlimited opportunities to its growing dealer network.

CEO and long-time auto dealer Marc Iozzo said, "We're hand selecting dealers in carefully chosen markets and will not allow any market to become over saturated with dealers. We will also offer a first right of refusal on expansion rights to current performing dealers." Global Motor Services plans to have fifty dealers in fifty cities.

Global Motor Services' three-wheeled scooters can be used within numerous applications including the security, industrial and maintenance sectors. These fully engineered electric scooters, complete with front and independent rear suspension, outperform any competitor on the market.

The electric sedan is another exciting product in the group, featuring 110V, 220V or 440V plug-in technology, long battery life and is highway rated. This product finally brings an affordable electric car to the average American consumer.

An electric, two-wheeled scooter and neighborhood electric vehicle are currently in production and will be available this year.

The company also offers a National Institute of Justice, Class III, premium up-armored SUV. Designed by the famed Tom Tjaarda, this personal security vehicle pairs luxurious, state of the art security with uncompromised protection. With the help of Canadian based Multimatic Inc., a performance parts manufacturer whose customers include Ferrari and Aston Martin, the Tjaarda PSV is designed from the ground up. New vehicle ride handling is virtually transparent to the consumer and is rare if not non-existent in the armored vehicles industry. With specially designed suspension, custom brakes, Isoclima glass and run-flat tires, the Tjaarda PSV is the ultimate in engineered protection.

Backed by innovative products and a dealer-focused agenda, Global Motor Services provides dealers with an untapped customer base and potential for generating incremental sales. With growing environmental awareness and the market explosion of green-tech products, this line-up of electric vehicles qualifies for federal, state and local tax incentives. Global Motor Services also addresses the growing personal security market with its Tjaarda PSV which provides a new class of drivable armored protection.

About Global Motor Services, Inc.

Global Motor Services, Inc., (GMS) a premier automobile distributor based in Westmont, IL, is the exclusive distributor of APT Inc.'s diverse line-up of innovative products. Marked by a dealer-focused foundation, GMS has built a proven framework for success. GMS believes in providing the highest levels of training, marketing and support. For more information visit,

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