Chrysler 5-year business plan... all of it – Click above to view gallery

So you're not an automotive journalist and couldn't spend seven hours (!) following along yesterday as Chrysler execs presented their 5-year business plan for the company. What you missed was a bladder-busting 335-slide PowerPoint presentation that we won't soon forget. Fear not, as we've obtained the entire presentation and uploaded into a gallery. Every slide is there, including some curious ones that deserve pointing out.
  • Slide #14: The crucial demographic that Dodge is targeting to increase sales: moms with tat sleeves.
  • Slide #32: Is this the next-gen Dodge Charger or just the Charger R/T Concept?
  • Slide #38: Look familiar? It does to us! Chrysler swiped a photo of the Dodge ACR shot by our own Drew Phillips (see original here).
  • Slide #144: Did you know? The word "Jeep" is used to help kids learn how to write the letter J, as is every other word with a J in it.
  • Slide #291: A brochure for the 2010 Chrysler 300 that shows a mystery grille. We've seen the brochure's contents, which instead show the model currently on sale.
  • Slide #303: The speaker onstage said the Viper would return in 2012, the slide says it's under consideration.
Now it's your turn. Let us know if you find anything strange, wrong or worth pointing out in the comments below.

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