Arcimoto Pulse, the latest tiny 3-wheeled electric vehicle, unveiled

Arcimoto Pulse– Click above for high-res image gallery

Hey, look! It's another quirky three-wheeled electric vehicle. This time, we're talking about the recently-revealed Arcimoto Pulse, a tandem two-seat electric car that looks something like a Zap Alias that's been through the chopper.

The company's website says that the trike uses a 96-volt power system and a DC electric motor that puts out 80 ft. lb. torque. The vehicle has a top speed of 55 mph and a range somewhere between 50 and 100 miles (the number has an unexplained asterisk on the company's website). Arcimoto, based in Eugene, Oregon, says the Pulse gets an estimates 190+ mpg, but how they arrived at that number is anyone's guess.

Price? Not set yet, but it will be "under $20,000" and an example of your very own can be reserved with a $500 fee ($450 of which is refundable). The first 300 Pulses are due late next year.

[Source: Arcimoto]

Feature Specification
Electric Motor Advanced DC 80 ft·lb torque
Charging 110 volt/15 amp, charges in 6 hours
Transmission Independent 7.5:1fixed ratio
Front Suspension Double A-Arm, coil oveshock suspension
Rear Suspension Swing Arm
Brakes 3-wheel manual disc brakes, mechanically actuated parking brake
Seating Capcity 2
Fuel Tank Nope!
Fuel Economy MGPe est. 190+
Range* 50 - 100 miles
Top Speed 55 mph

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