There is a road that has taken on the awe of a holy relic, practically the Dead Sea Scrolls of tarmac, and it goes by one simple name: Die Autobahn. There are few, if any, other roads in the world that are as significant for gearheads as those remaining polished stretches of German highway that remain unhindered by speed limits. Even for us jaded hacks, the opportunity to open up the right car in the left lane is, if not rapture, at least an out-of-body experience.

So this is merely a public service announcement for gearheads: if you need something to do this weekend, Hulu has the History Channel's Modern Marvels episode on the story of the Autobahn. Even with Hulu's commercials it's only 46 minutes, which means you can pay your respects quickly. And if there's anything better than the Autobahn, it's the Autobahn with a pillow and popcorn. Thanks for the tip, Jay!

[Source: The History Channel via Hulu]

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