2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery

According to a puzzling report from L'Automobile Magazine in France, Mercedes-Benz plans to launch a new CLK coupe even though that model would undoubtedly compete with the German automaker's own just-released E-Class coupe. Ostensibly, there's a gap in the automaker's lineup that could be filled by a coupe that's slightly smaller and a bit less expensive than the new E-Class, but the rumor continues to confuse by suggesting that the revived CLK would still be longer than its predecessor by five centimeters.

Styling would reportedly draw from the design of the current C-Class sedan, including the oversized front grille with Three-Pointed-Star emblem, rising character lines along the sides and chiseled head- and tail- lamps. In other words, it would look suspiciously like a downsized E-Class coupe. Powering the new CLK would be a range of gasoline and diesel engines, all featuring direct injection and stop/start technology and many force fed by a turbocharger.

Considering how much this supposed CLK would overlap the new E-Class coupe, we're happily going to assume there's not much truth to these rumors. If we're wrong, you may just see the new CLK in dealerships sometime in 2011.

[Source: L'Automobile Magazine (translated) via Top Speed]

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