As a self-processed car-nut with entire warehouses full of classic automobiles, it's not surprising that Jay Leno has something to say regarding the unfortunate death of the Pontiac brand. Much like ourselves, Jay seems to look back at some of Pontiac's most historic nameplates with fondness, such as the Firebird, Trans Am, Tempest and GTO. Plus, Jay points to the reincarnated GTO and its successor, the G8, as examples that Pontiac could still make a proper performance car – albeit one with Australian roots.

Still, like most people paying attention, Jay realizes The General had little choice in jettisoning the brand, saying, "If a brand had to go, it probably had to be Pontiac. I understand why they have to do it. You take your biggest divisions and you keep those. These days there are just too many car companies chasing too few customers and not enough to differentiate between the marques." Spot on analysis, Jay.

[Source: Jay Leno / Popular Mechanics]

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