BMW has been on a roll with its MINI brand, and after the raging success that the revived Cooper had in its first generation, the German automaker saw fit to give the brand its first major revision back in 2006. A year later, the automaker released the extended-length Clubman model and this year it finally launched the new convertible. What's next? Almost certainly the first MINI Crossover, which is expected to make its formal debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

You'd be forgiven for assuming that BMW's MINI team would be content to rest on its laurels for a few models years after all of this activity, but the ever-active rumormill wouldn't agree. According to MotoringFile, a new MINI Speedster may (finally) be on the way, based on the running gear of the current R56 Cooper. If true, we can expect to see a fabric top along with a possible removable hardtop and the same 1.6-liter engines as used in other models from MINI. Longtime MINI followers may recall that a speedster variant was often mooted for the previous Cooper, but in recent times, that talk has diminished somewhat.

A small, two-seat, roadster that promises equal portions of driving fun, reasonable fuel economy, and an attainable price tag? Now that's an idea we can get behind.

[Source: MotoringFile]

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