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We're not about to enter the whole euthanasia debate here, but we are of the opinion that supercars at least deserve to die with dignity. The Mercedes SLR McLaren is being kept alive unnaturally. While most supercars are built for a limited time in limited quantities and discontinued while demand is still high, the joint effort between Mercedes-Benz and its Formula One partners at McLaren first debuted as a concept in 1999, and between the original coupe, the Roadster, the 722, 722 GT, and the new Stirling Moss edition speedster – to say nothing of tuner versions like the Hamann Volcano – has had more derivatives than an advanced calculus class. (Or so we might assume, we never got past CAL1.) And yet it is still here...for a little while longer, at least. Well before the SLR thunders off toward the horizon, RENNtech plans on giving it one last swan song.

The Floridian tuning firm shares a close relationship with Mercedes, having tuned the three-starred motors for 20 years now. It was also made responsible for bringing the SLR 722 GT to the United States, and actually brought the 722's output up to an eponymous 722hp. And to celebrate its double-decade anniversary, RENNtech is planning on producing a number of very special tuner cars, starting with this: the 777. Declaring, in defiance of AMG's own pronouncement, that the horsepower wars are in fact not over, RENNtech has boosted the 5.5-liter supercharged V8's output up to 777 horsepower, with the requisite suspension, body and rolling stock modifications to go along with the extra oomph. They're beefing up the transmission, installing a new limited-slip differential, a redesigned suspension and monoblock center-locking wheels.

Using the same technology they employed to produce the GLK Hybrid Rally Racer for the factory, RENNtech is also fitting new bodywork, all in the aim of taking the top speed above 210 mph. The first example is anticipated to be ready this coming spring, but like the other anniversary editions to follow, RENNtech is committing to build only 20 examples. We'll be watching in eager anticipation to see how they turn out.

[Source: RENNtech]

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