Click above for high-res renderings of the Rinspeed iChange concept

Rinspeed will continue its tradition of producing weird and wacky cars for Geneva Motor Show in 2009 with the introduction of the iChange concept. As has become de rigueur these last few years for just about any concept, the iChange is electric, in this case powered by a 130 kilowatt (about 175 horsepower) electric motor, but that's not what makes the iChange unique. Ostensibly a single-seater, the car's hind-quarters will reportedly be able to rise up "as if by magic," revealing an additional two seats for passengers. Sounds production-feasible, no?

The benefits of having a sleek single-seat sportscar that can morph into an MPV of sorts seem obvious, but we'd be shocked if a concept such as this were to have any real bearing on the actual automotive market in the near future. As such, the iChange carries on perfectly in the footsteps of such past concepts as the Rinspeed sQuba and the translucent eXasis Concept. Read the flowery prose in the press release after the break.

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