Ever since that Malaysian press melée in September there haven't been any perceptible noises emanating from the resurrected Detroit Electric. Perhaps former Lotus CEO Albert Lam and friends have their noses to the grindstone getting product ready their announced end-of-2009 production run. Secretly, we hope they're preparing several models to brandish at the motor show in their namesake city, (we've heard some room may have opened up) but with a website that looks like it's in need of life support, we suspect not.

They may have some surprises up their sleeve though. A comment (as pointed out by "VFX" over at the Tesla Motors Club forum) appeared on the Tesla Founders blog of Martin Eberhard attributed to Mr Lam inviting the former to come check out some of his pre-production sports cars in Europe. Much more of a converted Lotus Elise that the Tesla Roadster has been accused of being, the vehicle is supposed to do 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds and have a 140 mph+ top speed. Range is stated to be about 200 miles. The kicker? Volume production is planned for June. Believable? You tell us.

[Source: Tesla Founders Blog via VFX at Tesla Motors Club Forum]

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