Porsche doesn't currently offer anything with fewer than six cylinders, but much of the German automaker's illustrious history was made with boxer-style four-cylinder engines, starting with the iconic 356. Following stories in September of a new entry-level Porsche model to slot just below the Boxster are new rumors indicating that the next-gen Boxster itself will be endowed with a new four-banger.

A big reason that the sportscar maker is said to be considering losing two precious cylinders are emissions standards and the growing pressure to reduce fuel consumption. To wit, Porsche's 2.7L flat-six in the current Boxster and Cayman is the most efficient powerplant the automaker offers and still emits 222g/km of carbon into the atmosphere, a figure that's way too high for upcoming European standards. So it's clear Porsche must do something to improve its poor emissions and fuel consumption figures. The hard part will be doing so without angering its hardcore customer base in the process.

  • For the record, the Boxster isn't wearing Firestones. I just love the sign and liked how the photo came out, so into the gallery it went.

[Source: Autocar]

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