CAR reveals Project Alligator as big Mercedes/Aston Martin collaboration

Project Alligator. That's the internal code-name for a potential collaboration between Mercedes and Aston Martin on everything from drivetrains to platforms. CAR's September issue gets into all the details, which includes such tasty nuggest as the possible use of AMG's 6.2-liter V8 in the next Vantage, porting over Mercedes' future eight-speed auto 'box into Astons, sharing platforms between both automaker's high-end models (think SL and beyond), cooperating on the development of diesels and hybrids, and using Aston's future products to keep Maybach alive and maybe even help the wayward ultra-luxury brand thrive with up to five new models. But it gets even bigger. A collaboration between the two could place M-B in a good position to buy Aston Martin if its new owners, including Prodrive's David Richards, decide to exit the automaking biz. As CAR points out, however, the only potential loser from Project Alligator coming to fruition is Mercedes' other partner, McLaren.

[Source: CAR]

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