Stink Fast! - Porsche Design cologne

One thing some luxury-goods makers are missing out on are male-centric fragrances. Yankee Candle should come out with an entire "Garage Line" of scents like "Winter Ether," "Hydrocarbon Bliss," or the more subtle " Mustang Interior," and "Exhaust." There's a veritable treasure trove of olfactory delight just waiting to be mined by a master nose. Porsche Design isn't waiting for someone else to cash in on this brilliant plan, and the company is releasing its own line of products called "The Essence." Porsche Design is a separate unit from our friends who screw together conveyances, and the firm focuses on industrial design when not fiddling with esters and bergamot. The scents are described as having a combination of cold metallic and warm organic tones, and will be available in aftershave, hair gel, body wash, and deodorant. Now, you can get all dolled up in your Porsche odorificness, slip on a Porsche polo shirt, and go drive that Boxster to the golf course while wearing Porsche sunglasses. Once there, of course, you'll use Callaway clubs. Thanks for the tip, Tony!

[Site: Acquire]

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