Aussies announce Australian Top Gear hosts, where's ours?

The success of Top Gear in the UK and elsewhere in the world is owed largely to the chemistry shared between its three famous hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond. That's why it's so important for the Austrialian version of Top Gear, the first to be launched outside the U.K., to front three personalities capable of carrying the show on their wit, charm and personalities. Oz's own Top Gear hosts were announced today as Charlie Cox, 47, a motorsport commentator for the BBC and ex-race car driver, Warren Brown, a cartoonist and columnist for The Daily Telegraph in his mid-40s, and Steve Pizzati, an advanced driving instructor, freelance auto journalist and driver for Porsche Australia who, in his mid-30s, is the youngest host of the new Top Gear troop. They were the lucky trio plucked from over 4,000 DVD entrants.
Being U.S. citizens who are awaiting their own version of Top Gear with trepidation, we can't comment on how well these Aussies will do carrying Clarkson's torch, so if you're Down Under at the moment and have an opinion, leave it in the comments. Regardless, we'll likely be bittorrenting these episodes along with the originals from Britain as soon as they begin airing later this summer. Now, which one do you think is supposed to be Clarkson, and which the Hampster and Captain Slow? Thanks for the tip, Mark!


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