Lutz defends "crock of sh*t" comment about global warming

Did you hear the one where Bob Lutz calls global warming a "total crock of shi*t"? Yeah, he did say what you just thought he said, though the most Maximum of Bobs added that he's just skeptical and doesn't deny the theory completely. He's interested in green transportation technology, but for different reasons than perhaps a die-hard, tree-hugging liberal. It's all about weening our nation off the teet of imported oil for Bob. Regardless, the interwebs went wacky with the "crock of sh*t" quote, and Bob has taken time out of his busy schedule to address those digital pundits that have given this story its legs.

Yesterday on the GM Fastlane Blog, Lutz tried to get people to look past his own beliefs and at the bigger picture, saying "The point is not why and how did we get where we are, it's what are we going to do to get where we're going." And he goes on to state what that big picture is: removing the automotive industry entirely from the environmental equation. That's REALLY big picture stuff, but Bob claims that this goal is what motivates the decisions being made at GM right now. Of course, he also admits that he gets paid to do what makes the most business sense for GM. Fortunately, those two things seem to be in harmony more and more as these green conscious times intensify.

[Source: GM Fastlane Blog]

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