Porsche steps up, will legally fight London's gas guzzler tax

It's the mayor of London in one corner and Porsche, the maker of thoroughbred sports cars, in the other.

In the green trunks, Mayor Ken Livingstone has decreed that a $50 daily tax shall be levied against all gas-guzzling, emission-spewing vehicles that drive through his city beginning in October. His logic says that it will fight global warming, and the money raised will help implement a Paris-style bicycle plan for the city. Re-election is around the corner, so this initiative is imperative to his tenure.

In the black trunks, Andy Goss, the Managing Director of Porsche Cars GB, rejects the tax as unjust. The automaker claims it is a disproportionate fee that will have a very limited effect on CO2 emissions. Its plan is to write Livingstone a letter requesting that he reconsider the proposal, and if nothing happens after 14 days, take the matter to the courts, which could throw out Livingstone's tax altogether.

And the winner is... neither side. Both are unable to deliver a knock out punch, so the winner will likely be chosen by decision.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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