Lutz tells Forbes: the car business "ain't for sissies."

In a two part interview with Forbes magazine during the run-up to that NAIAS, Bob Lutz had a great deal to say about all things GM. The first part centered on CAFE and the costs of energy efficiency, the Volt, and what Mr. Bob would rather have lead consumer choice in the mileage debate. Hint: instead of politicians making laws, his suggestion rhymes with "tas gax." He also says the Volt "probably won't be a flawless launch."

The second part focuses global sales, the truck market collapse, and design, with Bob claiming that "Everything we're doing is to meet this new standard of [being the] absolute winner in its class in exterior design and interior design. When we put the vehicles against the competition in the clinics, they must win by a wide margin on exterior appeal as well as reach." But don't take our word for it. Bobus Maximus is always better in his own words, so click the link to check them out. For those of you hoping for a new RWD Impala, you might not want to read this if you're in a good mood.

[Source: Forbes]

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