Inside Line performance tests the Nissan GT-R. Oh yes, it's very fast.

The Inside Line gang has just returned from Japan, where they performed instrumented testing on Japanese journo Jun Nishikawa's privately-owned 2009 Nissan GT-R. The test car had 1,500 km on the clock and was equipped the same way the US-spec cars will be. Boy, did it ever bring the goods. Zero to sixty came in 3.3 seconds, and the quarter mile flashed by in 11.6 at 120.9 mph. This, according to Inside Line, makes the '09 GT-R the quickest car that they've ever hooked their test equipment to. Some time is spent detailing the GT-R's launch control system, which involves flipping the transmission and damper settings to R mode, killing the VDC, and basically doing a brakestand. Once you let go of the stoppers, you get what IL describes as "crushing acceleration." The full test also touches on the car's predictably good braking and handling. You can read the whole thing here.

After reading it, you're left with the impression that Inside Line feels even more can be wrung out of the GT-R once they get their own tester in the States on a better surface than the Japanese airstrip they used in this case. You can bet that they'll put it head-to-head with the 911 Turbo and Corvette Z06 for good measure. Until then, know that the 2009 Nissan GT-R, at $70,000, appears set to offer drivers some utterly ridiculous bang for the buck.

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[Source: Inside Line]

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