More F1 Hoonery: Lewis Hamilton gets license suspended

Formula One wonder boy Lewis Hamilton decided that an appropriate follow up to a scorching F1 season and a second place finish on Top Gear's test track would be a high speed run through the north of France. The open-wheel prodigy was caught doing 120 mph near the town of Laon – 40 mph over the speed limit – and was fined £600, had his unspecified Mercedes impounded and lost his license in France for a month. Much like F1 legend Michael Schumacher when he was busted for hooning in a German taxi, Lewis was reportedly "polite and cooperative" when the boys in blue (do cops wear blue in France?) caught up to him.
The 22-year old racer has endured his fair share of controversy over the past year, including a feud with his ex-team mate Fernando Alonso and the Stepneygate affair that plagued his team McLaren. Here's hoping that 2008 will be a bit more subdued but equally remarkable. Until the season starts, however, he may need new teammate Heikki Kovalainen to give him a ride.

[Source: TopGear, Photo by Stuart Wilson/Getty]

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