Corvette boat updated to C6-spec

Once you've got a Corvette, what's left? Why, a boat, of course! You're not going to want to step out of your C6 into some aluminum row boat with a 5-horsepower Evinrude hung off the back. A 2-stroke buzz can't hold a candle to the barrel-chested rumble of an LS V8. Malibu Boats has introduced its latest Corvette Limited Edition Sport-V speedboat to solve your problem. The Corvette's most prominent styling cues have been lifted from the car and rendered in V-hull form. There's authentic Corvette seats, a dashboard that emulates the four-wheeled version, and even roll-down windows.
There are two different versions of the Sport-V, the Coupe and the Z06. The Coupe isn't lacking in anything, with 400 horsepower from its own V8, but the Z06 is just that much more over the top. There's not only 105 more horsepower on tap, but it also includes a lexan engine hatch to show off the LS7 engine and a two-tone interior and dash. To haul the Z06 around, it comes with a trailer that even uses Z06 wheels. General Motors approves, and the Sport-V speedboat will ease the pain of separation when you leave your 'Vette in the parking lot at the marina.

[Source: 4wheelsblog]

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