This one kind of crept up on us, but it appears Mercedes-Benz has released a new race-spec version of the SLR supercar dubbed the GTR. It's been revealed that the limited edition 722 SLR released last year was in fact a homologation special designed for a potential FIA GT race car, and the new GTR is a production version of the future racer.

The GTR is loosely based on the 722, but tips the scales at just 2860lb (1300kg), which means it's roughly 660lb (300kg) lighter. The mechanical package remains largely unchanged but, with the lighter body, the 650hp supercharged V8 should see it reach 62mph from rest in just three seconds flat. Top speed remains at 210 mph.

To shed all that weight, engineers stripped the cabin and replaced most of the parts such as the door panels and dash with carbon-fiber. They also installed a set of 19-inch OZ wheels, removed the front grille and installed a huge rear wing and diffuser.

Only 21 new GTRs will enter production and the first one has already been spotted at a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Germany by HDennis who posted these pics of the car on

Thanks for the tip, Richard!


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